Day trip to Essaouira from Marrakech, we offer you several discovery tours through Morocco. Our purpose is to let you discover the authentic Morocco’s Atlantic Coast. The day trip to Essaouira starts in the early morning from your hotel/riad in Marrakech. We will get to this Walled city in about 3 hours. Along the way before arriving to Essaouira we will have a stop to see and take photos of  the goats climbing the argan trees.

During your trip to Essaouira, you will have plenty of free time to walk around the city. You will be given directions and recommendation from our team driver/guide for the most beautiful places to see, from the ancient port of Essaouira and Scala which is an 18th bastion that defended the city of Essaouira, from the top of the bastion, you can enjoy spectacular views of the Atlantic. Also, you can explore by your own lively streets of the famous Medina ” old town”, featuting the traditional white fishermen houses, soaking in its characterestic Bohemian atmosphere at the same time.

Discover the city traditions of refined craftsmnship on this day trip from Marrakech, and enjoy a quintesential image of Essaouira, the return of fishing boats to port. In addition, if you love Seafood, take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy fresh fishin the typical resturants along the seafront.

End of day trip from Marrakech to Essaouira.


Photos of Ouzoud waterfalls are featured in almost every Moroccan tourist brochure. The waterfalls are in about 3 hour driving from Marrakech and are found in the middle Atlas Mountains.

Ouzoud waterfalls Located in a small village in the Middle Atlas, these waterfalls are considered the highest and most beautiful in the country. They have an approximate height of 110 meters, and are born from the Ouzoud River. It is the most visited site in the region, and is surrounded by green valleys, mills, orchards, and the Gorges of the Abid River. Ouzoud Falls are a major tourist attraction in Morocco. They are at their most spectacular in the spring following heavy rain . You need to be reasonably fit for this excursion as there are a lot of steps involved. Another attraction of the falls area is the endangered Barbary Apes which, although wild, have become well used to tourists.

Delve into one of the most exotic landscapes in Morocco. Surround yourself in the emerald green and olive of the fascinating Ouzoud Waterfalls, which, with a rise of 100 meters above sea level, are the highest in North Africa. Take advantage of this day trip from Marrakech to Ouzoud Falls to get away from the arid landscape of the country and enjoy the contrast which gives us the greenery of this area.

We will begin our day trip from Marrakech, and travel 150 km to the Middle Atlas Mountains, where the Ouzoud Waterfalls are. Arriving at Ouzoud, we will enjoy the unique landscape, which are rare in Morocco. The Ouzoud Waterfalls are the largest in Africa, and the filtrated rise of 110 meters is what gives strength to the waters of the El­Abid River. We will descend down a path that will take us to the bottom of the falls, where we can feel the power and roar of the water falling from such great heights. We will also have the opportunity to browse in the small craft shops that are along the way. The hottest and bravest can enjoy a swim in the river. Additionally, with a little luck, we will have the opportunity to see some of the monkeys that wander around the area. After eating, we will begin our return journey back to the city of Marrakech.

End of day trip from Marrakech to Ouzoud waterfalls.


A favorite weekend escape for native Moroccans, the Ourika Valley is 30 km from Marrakech and rests between the foothills of the Atlas Mountains. An escape from city life, the Valley draws visitors with a welcoming atmosphere of tiny villages, steep hillsides, waterfalls, and lush green gardens. Don’t forget to stop and visit the Berber villages on the way. Ourika Valley can be visited of the full day. Ourika Village lays at the end of the road, but an offroad (to Timichi) and then a mule track continues up the valley to pass to Tacheddirt and Oukaimeden, wh villich has the best skiing station in Morocco and interesting prehistoric rock carvings. The path also continues through the mountain to Imlil and Toubkal, making it a useful starting/finishing point for trekkers. So this day trip to the picturesque village of Ourika will allow you to experience some of the beauty of the North African countryside without sacrificing the comforts of your hotel or riad. Going arround the valley takes a bit of effort and good shoes and comfy clothes, there is a little bit of climbing rocks here and there to reach all the seven waterfalls of Setti Fatma . All treks are led and supervised by qualified and experienced guides and mule handlers, drawn from the local populace. You will also be crossing many berber bridges to get from one side of the valley to the other, a great spot to catch some wonderful panoramic pictures !! Despite it being close to Marrakech, Ourika valley is still inhabited by berber villagers living in a traditional lifestyle that can be considered “unspoiled”.

Our day trip to Ourika valley will start from your hotel/Riad in Marrakech,our  first stop will be in traditional house of a Berber famly who lives in the valley. The family often open their home to visitors who wish to enjoy their surroundings, the family will offer us tea  and serve us their local breakfast which consists of bread, honey, butter and olive oil.  Ourika day trip from Marrakech will give you the chance to ride camels for half an hour deeper in the valley. Later on we will continue our tour to reach Setti Fatma, a favorite weekend destination for many Moroccans. Highly appreciated for its beautiful streams and 7 waterfalls, beautiful cliffs, green valleys. You will explore a region which still practicea medieval agricultural tradition. Walk around the valley to take photos of the views of green terraces, surrounding the Atlas mountains, hike with a local guide to the first waterfall. After the hike we go back for lunch in a nice restaurant with a beautiful view over the mountains, lunch will be composed of variety of Moroccan dishes (Vegetarians are welcome). Then we return to Marrakech around 05pm.

End of day trip From Marrakech to Ourika Valley.


We will begin our Day Trip from Marrakech to Ksar Ait Ben haddou Kasbahs and Ouarzazate at 8 am. We will take you across the High Atlas Mountains through the Tizi N’Tichka pass – an imposing landscape of the high mountains and traditional Berber villages. Along the way, you’ll enjoy the spectacular views that the valleys of the area provide, and visit Berber villages engaged in the sale of semiHomes precious stones. As we move southwards, the mountainous landscape transforms into semi­desert. In this area we will visit the famous Kasbah, and discover typical small houses constructed with mud and straw.

Arriving at Ouarzazate, we will visit the former residence of the Pacha El Glaoui, the Taourirt kasbah, and Ksar Ait Ben Haddou Kasbahs, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, founded in 11 century, and one of the best preserved fortified cities the country.Its unique architecture and environment has made it the ideal filming choice for many film and series production filming. Some of the movies and TV shows in which we have viewed this fantastic kasbah include Gladiator, Kingdom of Heaven, Babel, Prince of Persia, The Mummy, and, of course, Game of Thrones (it is the city that Daenerys Targaryan releases in the last chapter of the 3rd season). Also, to complement this day trip from Marrakech Marrakech to Ait Ben Haddou tour, we will visit the Atlas Films Studios, where many scenes of the movies mentioned have been recorded. Thus, we will have the opportunity to discover the cinematic importance of this area of the country.In the afternoon we’ll be back to Marrakech.

End of day trip from Marrakech to Ouarzazate and Ait Ben Haddou Kasbahs.


Marrakech Sightseeing Activities and things to do & see in Marrakech .

As any one knows Marrakech is one of the oldest imperial cities founded around  1060-1106) by the king Youssef Ibn Tachafine the empire of the Berber Dynasty Almoravides (, Located in the Hawz, an agricultural plain bounded to the south and east by the High Atlas mountains,  and watered by the Tansift river, called the perle of the south, it has a stunning view over the snow-capped High Atlas Mountains surrounded by thousands palms & agriculture fields.

Under the gouvernance of Almaravides dynasty (1055–1157)Marrakech became the base fo the trade & conquest of Morocco, portions of the Maghrib, and Andalusia.

The ampire has expanded in that time from spain to senegal, Marrakech was the crossroads of ancient caravan routes from Timbuktu made it a key destination for trade and reprieve for weary sub-Saharan traders carrying gold, salt and slaves bound for Europe.

You will be with local guide and take you to see the important of historical and cultural interest, including the Saadian tombs; the Palaces of El Bahia and El Badi,the Koutoubia tower. We will stop for lunch near the square. After lunch, you will head to visit the gardens at Majorelle, after return to the square to walk around, or take you back to your Riad/hotel.

End of exploring Marrakech.


A first time trip to Marrakech is never complete without experiencing a magical Marrakech camel ride; where caravans once filled the desert landscape. When you don’t have time to enjoy the 3 days desert tour deep into the sahara. A camel riding experience through Marrakech Palmeraie is a definite must.

The Palmeraie sits just outside the city of Marrakech and covers a total area of 54 square miles packed with over 100 000 palm trees that provide shade from the hot African sun. You can take a half-day Marrakech camel trekking ,or choose one ortwo hours of camel trekking through the scenic villages and palm trees that make the palm groves a true ozsis in Marrakech. Choose from an early morning ride, late afternoon, or evening to experience an athentic Moroccan adventure. The late afternoon trips are spectacular due to the beautiful sunsets you will be able to witness along the paths.

Here s the itinerary of Camel ride in Marrakech

Your guide will pick you up from your hotel/riad, where you will be escorted into an air-conditioned car to take you to the starting point of the tou in the palm trees area. You will then be given instructions on the proper and safe ways to ride the camels, given a traditional scarf to protect you from the sun, and you will then be led to a fully saddled camel, and assisted by one guide.

By the end of your Marrakech camel riding experience, then you will head back to te starting point of the trip,where your guides will bring you back to your hotel/riad.

Camel trekking in Marrakech is an absolute must in Morocco, along with shopping in their world-famous souks, visiting the grand mosque,exploring open squares, and indulging in traditioanl Berber food. it is a calm relaxing adventure, allowing you to take a glimps of what it was like to travers the desert roads during ancient times, and giving you an authentic Moroccan experience.

End tour of Marrakech camel trekking.

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